New: Sony Xperia miro getting ready for India?

Sony Xperia miro

The wait is almost over for the Sony Xperia miro.

Just a few hours ago, Sony updated their website with the status of Xperia miro from Coming Soon to New. Is Sony getting ready to finally release the Sony Xperia miro? This actually comes as no surprise to us from Sony because they did a similar website update to Xperia tipo dual and the Xperia SL exactly last Monday. And as we had reported and expected the Sony Xperia tipo and the Sony Xperia tipo dual both were made available for pre-orders over the week. Unfortunately no word on Xperia SL.

So are we to believe that the Xperia miro will finally be released this week in India and be made available for pre-orders? We sure hope so.

Update 1: We spoke to a few retailers in Mumbai regarding the price and the availability of the Sony Xperia miro and they reluctantly said that the Smartphone will be available by end of September or latest by early October. One of the retailers divulged the details that the internal staff training on the new Xperia miro will begin this week and normally the phone arrives at the store in 2 weeks of the training. But this does not mean that the pre-orders can’t start this week. And what the about the price? All the retailers we spoke to said that they have not been informed about the price yet, but they think that the Sony Xperia miro will be priced between Rs 13,000 – Rs 14,500.

Watch this space.

Update 2: Sony Xperia miro got listed in India on Flipkart at a price of Rs 14499.


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