Data Usage Calculator

Wondering how much data you think you’ll use on your mobile broadband device before you sign up for a 3G data plan? Try out this data usage calculator which helps you estimate your monthly data usage for day-to-day tasks like reading and writing emails, accessing Facebook, web browsing, watching YouTube videos, listening to music and making a Skype call.

Since 2 GB of data per month seems to be the magic cut-off for most 3G service providers in India, we used the data calculator to find out what we can do with 2 GB of data per month. You can do the following everyday in 1.99 GB of data per month:

– Read/Write 30 emails (31 MB/month)
– Access Facebook for 10 minutes (300 MB/month)
– Browse the web for 10 minutes (750 MB/month)
– Watch YouTube videos for 5 minutes (600 MB/month)
– Listen to music for 10 minutes (300 MB/month)
– Make a Skype call for 5 minutes (53 MB/month)

Data Usage Calculator

Also, check out this handy list of 3G service providers in India by state.


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